Some people have known I was doing this for a little while, but mostly this has been a Super Sekrit Project of mine, and today my test copy arrived and I am so excited that I cannot contain myself any longer.

I may or may not have - by which I mean I have - typeset and had professionally printed Everyday Love in Stockholm as a real live book!

I wanted a hardcopy I could hold in my hands and croon at while my neighbours slowly move out of the building to escape the constant crooning. But now it is HERE and it is SHINY AND BEAUTIFUL and asdjskfhsjfhdhfkshfkhfsklfha;fs;l.

It came out so good that I had to call my BFF immediately to tell her and had this conversation:

Me: *seal noises*

Her: Are you clawing at your own face right now?

Me: No, because I have the phone in one hand and the book in the other.

But yes! It is real! And I am in love with, seriously.

Also with the amazingly talented loobeeinthesky and kannibal, both of whom very kindly agreed to let me use their art in the book, Loobee’s as the cover and Kannibal’s as internal illustrations.

Now… um, maybe I am shooting in the dark, but since it is up I wondered if anyone else would like a copy, so I thought I would include a link if anyone wants one. I’m not making any money from this (because of the copyright ninjas who would parasail down my chimney and kill me in my sleep) so it’s literally just the cost of the printing and postage, but obviously the fic is going to stay available for free on the internet for all of time or until the internet kersplodes. (For those ninjas playing along at home I took some screenshots of my innocence: one, two, three.)

It came to about £10 including the postage for me but I am not sure how much it would cost in the US or elsewhere, though I know they can also print from the US? But according to the book calculator the book minus postage is a little over $12.


Everyday Love in Stockholm on


Going. Now. 

Fuck yes. Just bought one, woohoo!

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